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  • A lot of cute Looney Tunes characters soft plush toys for you to pick
  • Suitable for Looney Tunes lovers and collection.
  • Mini and cute size of Looney Tunes soft plush toys are good for decoration in your car or home
  • The Looney Tunes soft plush toys come with hanging thread together with vacuum suckers that able to hang the soft toy anywhere. (eg: car, room, etc)
  • One of our favorite childhood memories
  • 100% high quality cotton material
  • Available in 4  stunning colors (Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink)
  • Light weight (around 230gram)
  • Thickeness: 337gsm
  • Suitable for everyone (perfect for adults and children)
  • High absorbency, feeling soft and comfortable

Super cute unicorn cartoon on the mug that is looking superb and pretty.

  • Adorable and creative unicorn cartoon attached on the top of the spoon.
  • It is a lovely design that you can enjoy 2 beautiful colors (pink / blue) to brighten your office table, kitchen or dining room space.
  • Suitable for unicorn lovers
  • It can be a wonderful gift for girls (house warming, birthday present, etc.)
  • Suitable for drinking coffee, juice, milk beverages.
  • Interior Vacuum Flask Body Material: 304 Stainless Steel 
  • Exterior Vacuum Flask Body Material: 201 Stainless Steel
  • Double lock closure to prevent water leaking. First, press down on the cover of vacuum flask. Then, buckle up the lock on the vacuum flask for leak proof purpose. 
  • Cute Little Girls design on the body of vacuum flask that makes it looks amazing and beautiful
  • Convenient and portable to bring out anywhere.
  • Absorbent power is very high [2 x effective than regular cotton]
  • Absorb water quickly [x2 times faster] compared to microfiber / 100% cotton bath towels
  • Fast drying bath towel, unlike other regular cotton towels
  • Large size of bath towel [68cm x 134cm]  (can cover and easily wrap it around your body)
  • Long fibre cotton material is super soft and comfortable. (Long fibre cotton has a smooth surface, making it gentle on the skin.)
  • Always soft and fluffy over time and provide a long lasting comfort and durability.
  • High absorption and fast drying bath towel
  • Our large size bath towel that can provide optimal coverage for your body and absorbency.
  • Trendy colors and variety of colors of bath towels that can match your bathroom decor.
  • Exquisite workmanship and high quality, hem by fine thread & needle for extra durability
  • Comfortable and relaxing experience with our large bath towel as the bath the towel is made from 100% cotton material and possess breathable characteristics that is suitable for your hands and body.
  • Made of pure 100% cotton which is very soft and comfortable
  • Hand towels ideal for a wide variety of uses such as bath, kitchen, workplace, exercise, sport or gym.
  • When you are washing dishes in the kitchen or drying your hands in the bathroom, at that moment, our hand towels are definitely suitable for you to use.
  • Small size plus light weight (around 53g) of hand towel is convenient and easy to bring out
  • Great absorbency
  • It is easy to wash and convenient to hang easily
  • 100% Brand new hand towels.
  • With 3 color options of hand towels, you able find a hand towel that perfectly matches any room’s décor.
  • High absorption, soft and fast drying bath towel because it is made of high quality 100% pure cotton.
  • The size of this Vinition bath towel is large (68 cm x 137cm) therefore, it is very suitable for adult used.
  • We have used super fine cotton in making these bath towels so that you feel relaxed and refreshed after wrapping yourself in a soft, comfortable and absorbent towel after your shower.
  • Soft touch, skin friendly and comfortable.
  • These bath towels can be used perfectly for various purposes including salon, poolside, beach, spa, gym, etc.. These bathroom towels also provide us drying needs as we are using it daily at our bathroom to dry our body or wrap around our hair.
  • Our Motivational water bottles have vibrant gradient colors which is very attractive, beautiful and stylish.
  • This plastic water bottle has motivational quotes and time marker such as "Hydrate Yourself at 9am" , "Keep Drinking at 11pm", "Don't Give UP! at 12pm", etc.
  • It can keep track your daily water intake, measure your daily water consumption and reminding you to drink enough water throughout the day. 
  • The water bottle can store large amount of water (1100ml).
  • It has one-click push button for easier opening and drink the water. 
  • It is portable and convenient. The motivational water bottle is coming with plastic straw inside.
  • The motivational water bottle with straw that has 1100ml large capacity with bright colors and insprirational quotes that can be an ideal gift choice for your friends, kids, family and colleaugues.
  • Large capacity / high volume 1300ml of the water bottle (We need to drink a lot of water in order to prevent dehydration and body overheat as Malaysia has a very hot weather, large capacity of water bottle is very recommended for us to store a lot of water)
  • This water bottle looks small but it has large capacity (1300ml) which is suitable for girls / women to bring out.
  • This plastic water bottle is attached with strap and handle which is very convenient and portable for us to carry the water bottle to our work place and other places.
  • One button to open up the lid easily (Press on the "Open" button). 
  • BPA Free & Non-toxic. (odour free and healthy for your daily water drinking).
  • It has anti-leak design. (Water is not easy to leak out)
  • The design of the water bottle is simple and beautiful (modern and in trend design) that is suitable for most of the people.
  • Straw is included inside the water bottle that allow us to drink water easily and avoid us to choke on water.
  • It can send as a gift to your loves one too.
  • Cute cartoon design on the body of the can which is very attractive and beautiful.
  • Pocket Friendly.
  • Easy, portable and convenient to bring and use anywhere and anytime due to the mini size of cartoon can.
  • 30pcs wet tissues per can can be used for long time.
  • Can use it for wiping or cleaning handphone, keyboard, glasses, and others.
  • Can be sending as a doorgift or small gift to your friends and family.
  • The design / pattern on the hamster mug is absolutely adorable and cute.
  • On top of the spoon is attached with hamster cartoon.
  • It is a mug set that comes with spoon and mug's cover which is very convenient.
  • Cute hamster ceramic mug is suitable for drinking coffee, tea and others.
  • Suitable for pink lover and hamster lover.
  • It can send to anyone as a gift such as birthday gift, anniversary gift, christmas gift, teacher's day gift, girlfriend gift and so on.  
  • Cute hamster design.
  • Two types of adorable emotion (happy & guilty face) that can make you desire to hug them.
  • The hamster plush toy does not deform and keep its its shape when compress on it.
  • Soft and elastic.
  • Help you to release anger and stress
  • The cutie face of the B.Duck that can melt your heart
  • The posture of the hand is so adorable
  • The fabric is comfortable, soft and strong elasticity
  • Suitable for ducky lovers
  • As a gift to your girlfriend, friends and family
  • The heat resistance mat has a very cute design which can boost our mood during breakfast, lunch and dining time.
  • This insulation mat can protect your table from scratch and damage
  • Non-slip hot pads. 
  • This bowl pad is easy to store as it has the hanging loop which is very convenient that provide space-saving and keep the kitchen and dining room clean.
  • This table mat has heat insulation and can be used in cold or hot containers on any occasion. 
  • Potholder has high heat resistance that help us to avoid scalding our hands.
  • Easy to clean.