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  • Umbrella Automatic (auto open / close function allows for easy one-handed operation.)
  • Astronaut umbrella mini has a very cute and beautiful design appearance.
  • This foldable umbrella is easy to carry and convenient to store in anywhere so it is suitable for travel and daily use.
  • Black Vinyl Coating on the umbrella can reduce the heat temperature during sunny day.
  • The astronaut automatic umbrella has a light weight and windproof. 
  • Astronaut umbrella foldable is a very good gift option which can be given to your relatives and friends
  • UV Protection : 50 UPF+
  • It has wind-resistant structure design
  • Squirrel with big tail design
  • Filling with cotton which is soft and comfortable
  • Elastic
  • Good companion for you
  • Big and lovely eye
  • It is a great value gift that has different and unique items inside the beautiful marble gift box that meets your personal needs and gift giving needs!
  • Unique gifts just for her that act as a reminds for the fabulous people in our lives.  
  • It can be a great gift box birthday for woman and also a great gift box birthday for man.
  • Every set is coming with beautiful marble gift box and gift bag.
  • Dedicated to the person who love white, grey and pink colour.
  • This unique surprise gift box set is a wonderful gift for women, friends, students, parents, family and colleagues on anniversary, birthday, graduation, holiday, halloween, farewell day, wedding and christmas.
  • The cute portable USB fan has 2-speed adjustable wind speed and USB charging.
  • Our mini portable fans rechargeable have innovative and colorful style that bring us a more comfortable cool experience. 
  • This rechargeable USB small mini fan can be used as handheld fan , neck fan or desk fan.
  • It has one button control which is easy to use. (short press to turn on / off the USB mini fan)
  • With a built-in battery, portable USB mini fan can be easily recharged through connection with computer, laptop, power bank, adapter or any other device that has a USB port.
  • Mini size of USB fan is perfect choice for outdoor.  
  • It has strong wind.
  • Can be sending as a gift to your loves one, family and friends.
  • It can used to wash water bottle, mug, tea or coffee cup , glass, baby bottle and others.
  • It has light weight (around 12gram).
  • Portable and convenient to carry.
  • Brusher with handle that is easy for us to clean / wash bottle or cup.
  • Non toxic, safe and healthy to use.
  • Soft Sponge for cleaning.
  • Easy to store (can be hang up) after finish using the water bottle / cup brush.
  • Material: Soft Plush
  • Size:25cm
  • Comfortable
  • Light weight
  • Use as pillow, ready for naptime, playtime, anywhere
  • Super Soft and Elastic
  • Durable
  • Squinting Face Emotion 
  • Invisible zipper design
  • can take it as cushion, hand warmer, napping pillow and support waist pillow lower back pain relief  
  • Side pocket to keep you warm when working at cold office room
  • Suitable for taking short nap at office , car or anyawhere as its size is small and convenient. 
  • very durable that the shape of the handwarmer cushion will not easily spoil when apply pressure or compress on it.
  • soft and comfortable
  • Super cute blue whale soft plush toy
  • Super comfortable, soft and elastic
  • Suitable for whale lovers
  • Can be a good companion for you anytime and anywhere
  • Cute little bear and little small fish cartoon on top of bento box cover.
  • Suitable for kids and students because the cartoon lunch box is very cute and adorable that able motivated them to bring along to school.
  • The kids bento box has 2 compartments that can keep foods separated. 
  • Kids and students can enjoy healthy and balanced diet as the their parents can prepare nutritious foods to them by using this bento box.
  • It has capacity of 750ml which is enough for kids and students to have their  daily meal.
  • This cute cartoon lunch box is consisting set of spoon, fork and chopsticks which is convenient for kids and students.
  • 6 pieces of cartoon characters inside the gift box
  • 6 patterns of characters: Doraemon, Hello Kitty, Naruto, One Piece, Pikachu, Chibi Maruko Chan
  • Gift that is very suitable for cartoon character lovers.
  • Beautiful and creative gift box
  • Cute cat cartoon design is printed on the surface of ceramic mug body.
  • This cute cat coffee mug set is including ceramic cat mug, spoon and mug cover.
  • Cute paw is attached on top of the spoon that is very very adorable and beautiful.
  • Suitable for cat / kitty lovers
  • Perfect for pink lovers too.
  • Perfect for sending gift as happy birthday gift, anniversary gift, forgiving gift, girl friend gift, couple gift and wedding gift.
  • It is a very simple, small and cute gift
  • It is perfect for doorgift, birthday gift, anniversary gift, graduation gift, house warming, thank you gift and so on.
  • The decorative lights can be switched that make this gift even more beautiful and cute.
  • The DIY box is attached with string that can hand carry.
  • This Winnie The Pooh DIY box can meet all your requirements because you don’t have to look for other decorations to decorate it.
  • Dedicated for Winnie The Pooh lovers.
  • Cute hamster mug, lids and hasmter carton spoon are together placed inside the gift box
  •  4 different pattern of hamsters which are looking super cute
  •  Suitable for hamster lovers
  •  Cute hamster cartoon attached on top of the spoon.
  •  Very suitable to send as a gift to your loves one and friends.
  • Feel comfortable, smooth and soft as the material made by soft plush
  • Filling with environmental PP Cotton 
  • Extremely recommended for Hello Kitty lovers
  • Best for decoration at home,  Hello Kitty collection or as a gift to your loves one or family.
  • Super soft , smooth, elastic and comfortable
  • Best for couple gifts [suggestion: Stitch (blue) can  be given as a gift to boyfriend, Angel (pink) can be given as a gift to girlfriend]
  • Feeling comfortable and soft
  • Cute little ear and big eye design of Stitch and Angel.
  • Good for Stitch collection
  • Tiny hand and cutie face of Stitch.