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  • Super cute little bear key chain that is a good decoration for your car key, bag, airpods, etc.
  • This keychain is suitable for daily use
  • A perfect gift for your loved ones
  • Our cute mini portable USB fan can be used as handfan when using at outdoor and used as mini desktop fan on a table when in a office, bedroom or living room.
  • A small base (holder) is provided to hold the mini fan stably when placed on the table.
  • It has 3 adjustable speed setting (low speed, medium speed, high speed)
  • Cute portable USB mini fan has mini size and lightweight that we can easily put it in our bag or pocket. 
  • With a built-in battery, portable USB mini fan can be easily recharged through connection with computer, laptop, power bank, adapter or any other device that has a USB port.
  • Mini size of USB fan is perfect choice for outdoor.  
  • This cute handheld fan has strong wind that can keep you away from heat and sweat.
  • This USB mini fan has adorable look and portable size that can keep us always cool, therefore, this USB mini fan is also a great gift for couple, family and friends as it is cute, small and useful gadget for them.
  • Cute rabbit and small rabbit cartoon on top of bento lunch box cover.
  • Kids, children or students love this adorable bento lunch box and they will bring them to school or kindergarten to enjoy their happy and healthy meal everyday.
  • Rabbit bento lunch box has 2 compartments that can keep foods separated.
  • Divided bento lunch box by 2 compartments that allow our kids, children or student to have 2 different foods in their meal which can help parents to pack a balanced lunch that covers all of the main food groups for them.
  • Inside rabbit bento lunch box: 1 x spoon , 1 x fork , 1 x chopsticks
  • Capacity of 750ml (Not too little, not too much, just right) for parents to pack suitable amount of foods to their children in this kids lunch box.
  • This cute cartoon lunch box is consisting set of spoon, fork and chopsticks which is convenient for kids and students.
  • The colour of this cute bento lunch box is dark pink which is suitable for little girl.
  • The bento box has a light weight (0.22kg) container that is  convenient and portable for kids and students transfer or bring food to school / kindergarten.
  • Turtle design that is cute, special and rare in the market.
  • The material is made by soft plush which is very comfortable and smooth.
  • Can take it as cushion and pillow
  • Suitable for placing inside the car and home
  • The color of the turtle plush toy is not easily faded.
  • Cute, soft and comfortable shell of turtle plush toy can let us relax and nap on it.
  • Stylish Daisy Flower Design on the glass drinking bottle
  • Fashion Korean frosted glass bottle that is very beautiful
  • Smooth round drinking surface
  • Comes with drinking straw
  • Transaprent  Body Glass
  • Beautiful diamond shape design
  • Nonslippery frosted glass bottle
  • Small body but big volume
  • Silicone sealing ring
  • 360º Rotation anti-leaking
  • Cutie Flamingo Design
  • Portable And Convenient
  • Food Grade PP Lid
  • Silicone Ring Inside Lid
  • Anti Water Leaking (360° Rotation)
  • Smooth Surface On Top Of Glass Bottle
  • Prevent From Injuring Of Our Lip
  • Easy To Clean
  • This beautiful and elegant marble box is good to place gifts for your friends, family, couples, girl friend, boy friend or colleagues. 
  • Decorating with this beautiful marble box will add more beauty to your gifts and leave an good impression on your friends or your loved ones.
  • You can place any gift as you like into this beautiful empty gift box. (For example: We can store various items such as LED light, mug, raffia shredded paper, towels, artificial flowers, candles, watches, jewelry, candies, small clothing accessories, gift cards, homemade crafts, biscuits or cakes, etc) 
  • You can DIY your own gift box set. 
  • This luxury empty gift box is made of high quality hardboard (the box is thick), not easy to tear off and deform (changing in gift box shape).
  • You don't need to fold this box yourself because the empty marble box comes in fix shape. When you receive our empty marble box, you can straight away place any gift that you like into this empty marble box. It is easy and simple for you.
  • This marble gift box has a smooth surface and also provide you with a comfortable hand feeling
  • This empty marble gift box suitable to be a surprise box, brithday box, creative DIY gift box, Christmas Gift box, Ramadan gift box, farewell gift box, Valentine gift box and so on.
  • Stylish choice for any ocassion
  • Can be used in the various occasions in parties, wedding wearing, work, school, holiday and others.
  • 18 Different of styles of earrings to match your different dressing styles.
  • It is a good gift for women, girls, girlfriend on valentine day, birthday, christmas, anniversary, farewell, graduation or wedding in order to express your love to them and makes your loved one always stay happy. 
  • Not easy to rust (avoiding earrings contact with any chemicals such as soap, perfume, lotion, makeup, hair & cleaning products, etc)
  • High borosilicate glass
  • One glass bottle that have double lids
  • Consists of straw for drinking easily
  • Does not leak if tipped over
  • Pattern on the surface of the glass not easy faded 
  • Cute Sailor Moon design
  • It has 3 colors and 4 cute patterns of kitty ceramic mug to pick
  • It has special spoon that attacehd with adorable kitty paw.
  • Special design of cup handle which is very unique compared to other cup handle (little emoji and beautiful color on the handle) 
  • The gift box has handle too that can be carry anywhere and anytime.
  • Suitable for sending as a farewell gift, birthday gift, anniversary gift , wedding gift, etc
  • Beautiful and fashion horoscope design 
  • Easy and portable to bring out
  • Safe and odour free
  • Made of high quality borosilicate glass
  • Adorable and cute design of teddy bear key chain that wearing a bowtie
  • It has special unique crystal colour that is looking very pretty
  • Superhero wording on top of the strap keychain that is looking cool and awesome.
  • This keychain is suitable for daily use.
  • It is suitable for attached with home or car key.
  •  A perfect gift for your loved ones
  • Flap closure of this women crossbody bag is easy to access your essentials.
  • This korean style women bag allows us easy access to your phone, keys and all your accessories.
  • High quality of women's shoulder bag which is madeof 100% PU Leather that stands out for its excellent durability and luxurious feel.                                     
  • Inside of this women's shoulder bag has 2 interior slip pockets and 1 interior zipper pocket.
  • This fashion crossbody bag goes well in any occasion like party, wedding, dating, shopping, working, etc.
  • Large capacity ceramic mug (600ml) that able to take in high volume of water / drinks.
  • 4 types of cute emotion rabbit design for you to choose. (Clever/ Fricky/ Lovely/ Tender Rabbit)
  • The cover / lid of the mug is shining and also made of stainless steel which causing the cute rabbit mug to look premium and beautiful.
  • It has a cute rabbit ear shape design on mug handle.
  • The cute rabbit mug can make you feeling happy everyday and melt your heart because it is really 100% cute.
  • It is suitable to make coffee or tea.
  • Able to keep drinks hot for a longer period.
  • It is good to get two rabbit mugs as a couple gift.