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  •  Suitable for: Anniversary or valentine gift, doorgift, friends' birthday gift, etc
  •  It is a very simple and beautiful gift
  •  It comes with green gift box and also green color gift bag is provided.
  •  It is a best choice for you to send as a gift to your friends or family members.
  •  There are 4 variants of gift box set for you to choose.
  •  Suitable for green lovers as the color of gift box and gift bag is in green.



  • Suitable for birthday gift, wedding gift, suprise gift, newborn baby gift, etc
  • It is a very simple and warmed gift.
  • It comes with pink gift box and pink gift bag
  • Perfect for sending gift to your loved ones, family and friends with this lovely simple and beautiful gift.
  • There many variants/ patterns for you to pick for your love ones (5 Different Sets)
  • Mr Bean best friend (Teddy) which is very cute and adorable
  • Teddy is soft, comfortable and slightly elastic
  •  Help you to release anger and stress.
  • It can used as a cute gift sending to your best friend, lover or kids
  • Can be a good companion for you anytime and anywhere
  • Suitable for kids when they are going to bed  
  • Mr. Bean's Teddy was one of our favourite TV characters. When we watched Mr Bean TV program, we wish to have a Teddy for ourselves.
  •  Here is your chance and make your dream come true by owning Teddy soft plush toy for yourself.
  • A lot of cute Looney Tunes characters soft plush toys for you to pick
  • Suitable for Looney Tunes lovers and collection.
  • Mini and cute size of Looney Tunes soft plush toys are good for decoration in your car or home
  • The Looney Tunes soft plush toys come with hanging thread together with vacuum suckers that able to hang the soft toy anywhere. (eg: car, room, etc)
  • One of our favorite childhood memories
  • New design of the mug shape (wave shape body) is unique and creative compared to normal flat shape body mug which is easily found on the market.
  • It comes with a set of ceramic mug, spoon, lid and gift box.
  • Two beautiful color of pattern design for the ceramic mug (Blue color > Little Bear / Pink color > Little Rabbit).
  • Simple and casual design of little rabbit and little bear that makes the ceramic mug looks super cute.
  • Suitable for using at office or home..
  • It is perfect for sending gift to your loved ones, family, friends and loved ones with this little rabbit and little bear design.

Super cute unicorn cartoon on the mug that is looking superb and pretty.

  • Adorable and creative unicorn cartoon attached on the top of the spoon.
  • It is a lovely design that you can enjoy 2 beautiful colors (pink / blue) to brighten your office table, kitchen or dining room space.
  • Suitable for unicorn lovers
  • It can be a wonderful gift for girls (house warming, birthday present, etc.)
  • Suitable for drinking coffee, juice, milk beverages.
  • Super cute cartoon design of Winnie The Pooh Cup that is super attracting.
  • It comes with a very beautiful and colorful box.
  • 2 sizes of mug to choose. (250ml or 300ml)
  • 4 different patterns of adorable Winnie The Pooh Cup
  • White spoon is including inside too.
  • 100% recommended for Winne The Pooh lovers.
  • Suitable for kids and adults.
  • Cute hamster mug, lids and hasmter carton spoon are together placed inside the gift box
  •  4 different pattern of hamsters which are looking super cute
  •  Suitable for hamster lovers
  •  Cute hamster cartoon attached on top of the spoon.
  •  Very suitable to send as a gift to your loves one and friends.
  • Cute lovely fatty rabbit design that make people feeling comfortable and happy.
  •  Perfect for sending gift to your loved ones , family , friends and loved ones or own yourself.
  •  4 Bright colors (pink, blue, green, yellow) of the lovely rabbit mug that are looking amazing and pretty.
  •  Cute mini carrot is attached on top of the spoon. 
  •  Suitable for rabbit lovers
  • Interior Vacuum Flask Body Material: 304 Stainless Steel 
  • Exterior Vacuum Flask Body Material: 201 Stainless Steel
  • Double lock closure to prevent water leaking. First, press down on the cover of vacuum flask. Then, buckle up the lock on the vacuum flask for leak proof purpose. 
  • Cute Little Girls design on the body of vacuum flask that makes it looks amazing and beautiful
  • Convenient and portable to bring out anywhere.
  • Large capacity ceramic mug (600ml) that able to take in high volume of water / drinks.
  • 4 types of cute emotion rabbit design for you to choose. (Clever/ Fricky/ Lovely/ Tender Rabbit)
  • The cover / lid of the mug is shining and also made of stainless steel which causing the cute rabbit mug to look premium and beautiful.
  • It has a cute rabbit ear shape design on mug handle.
  • The cute rabbit mug can make you feeling happy everyday and melt your heart because it is really 100% cute.
  • It is suitable to make coffee or tea.
  • Able to keep drinks hot for a longer period.
  • It is good to get two rabbit mugs as a couple gift.

  • Adorable pink pawl attached on the top of the spoon
  • 4 unique cute design of pinky cat mug
  • Suitable for cat lovers
  • Suitable for pink color lovers
  • Pink color gift box set that makes people feel warm and joy.
  • Very suitable to take it as a gift as the pinky cat gift box mug is very cute and able to bring happiness to your love ones. 
  • Workmanship: burned under high temperature
  • Super cute polar bear design attached on the surface of ceramic mug.

  • It has unique shape of handle mug.

  • Polar bear paw is attached on top of the spoon which is looking extremely cute.

  • Suitable for polar bear lovers.

  • There are total of 4 colors of polar bear mug.
  • Perfect for sending gift as happy birthday, anniversary and wedding gift.
  • The design of the mug is using simple line graphic that makes the mug super unique and beautiful.
  • It comes with a set of ceramic mug, spoon, lid and gift box.
  • The unique spoon with a cute little star attached on top of the spoon
  • The appearance of gift box is super beautiful as the gift box design is colorful and with bright color that is looking very attractive.
  • 4 types of animal mugs for you to pick.
  • It is perfect for sending gift to your loved ones, family, friends and loved ones or ownyourself with this unique simple line cute animal design.
  • 4 cute variation of cat gift box just for you. 
  • Perfect for sending gift to your loved ones , family , friends and loved ones or own yourself with this unique design. 
  • Good quality of ceramic material that is durable 
  • Looks beautiful with premium white gift box
  • Suitable for cat lovers