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  • 4 emotions of  cute Doraemon that can use for sending gift to your friends or family
  • Suitable for Doraemon lovers
  • The cover of the mug has cute Doraemon design
  • Overall packing of the gift box is looking premium and lovely
  • The cutie face of the B.Duck that can melt your heart
  • The posture of the hand is so adorable
  • The fabric is comfortable, soft and strong elasticity
  • Suitable for ducky lovers
  • As a gift to your girlfriend, friends and family
  • Turtle design that is cute, special and rare in the market.
  • The material is made by soft plush which is very comfortable and smooth.
  • Can take it as cushion and pillow
  • Suitable for placing inside the car and home
  • The color of the turtle plush toy is not easily faded.
  • Cute, soft and comfortable shell of turtle plush toy can let us relax and nap on it.
  • Super comfortable of  the soft plush material.
  • Cute design of Mickey, Minnie, Donald Duck and Daisy Duck that is suitable for everyone, especially Disney's fans.
  • Colorful soft plush toy
  • Disney collection
  • a gift to your loves one
  • Cute design of transformation between Crayon Shin Chan with Totoro/ Rilakkuma/ Minion/ Panda
  • Three types of cute emotion: Big Eye/ Sleeping/ Yawning
  • Soft, comfortable, elastic and smooth surface of the plush toy doll
  • It is suitable to have Crayon Shin Chan plush toy at home for kids that can entertain them all the time.
  • Best for couple gifts [suggestion: Stitch (blue) can  be given as a gift to boyfriend, Angel (pink) can be given as a gift to girlfriend]
  • Feeling comfortable and soft
  • Cute little ear and big eye design of Stitch and Angel.
  • Good for Stitch collection
  • Tiny hand and cutie face of Stitch.
  • Feel comfortable, smooth and soft as the material made by soft plush
  • Filling with environmental PP Cotton 
  • Extremely recommended for Hello Kitty lovers
  • Best for decoration at home,  Hello Kitty collection or as a gift to your loves one or family.
  • Super soft , smooth, elastic and comfortable
  • Cute hamster design.
  • Two types of adorable emotion (happy & guilty face) that can make you desire to hug them.
  • The hamster plush toy does not deform and keep its its shape when compress on it.
  • Soft and elastic.
  • Help you to release anger and stress
  • Nothern Europe apperance design on the mug and spoon that looks beautiful and premium
  • Super creative design of wooden handle on top on the stainless steel spoon that looks fashion and stylish.
  • Beautiful deer hunter pattern on the surface of the mug.
  • Suitable for sending as a gift to your friends and family
  • can take it as cushion, hand warmer, napping pillow and support waist pillow lower back pain relief  
  • Side pocket to keep you warm when working at cold office room
  • Suitable for taking short nap at office , car or anyawhere as its size is small and convenient. 
  • very elastic and durable that the shape of the handwarmer cushion will not easily spoil when apply pressure or compress on it.
  • soft and comfortable
  • Cute decorative fruits on the surface of frosted glass bottle
  • Frosted texture on the surface of glass bottle
  • Borosilicate glass that can absorb greater heat temperature
  • Food grade PP Lid that is safe for customers
  • Portable to bring out
  • Beautiful and fashion horoscope design 
  • Easy and portable to bring out
  • Safe and odour free
  • Made of high quality borosilicate glass
  • Cute design of Korean Kakao Friends Characters on the frosted glass bottle
  • Made of high borosilicate frosted glass
  • Nonsliperry glass body for customer used
  • Can abosrb greater heat
  • Convenient to bring out 




  • Cute design of cat, rabbit and white fashion on the ceramic bowl
  • Simple and goodlooking design
  • Big volume of bowl that suit for a person needs
  • Withstand high temperature
  • Anti-scalding lid



  • Cute and fun doraemon & stitch magic block
  • Brainstorming for kids
  • Development of intelligence
  • Good education toys